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Recharge Systems (RS) was born out of market demand for a safer and more convenient prepaid voucher distribution for vendors. Using the Electronic Voucher Distribution system, the small business owner is provided with cutting-edge advanced Point-of-Sale (PoS) solutions and equipment.


Recharge Systems has partnered with industry experts Wintec – a dedicated world leader in the distribution, management and enablement of electronic voucher vending and PoS terminal solutions. RS has revolutionised the South African market with the introduction of sophisticated technology that minimises the risk of theft for vendors selling airtime vouchers and maximises on customer service delivery.


RS facilitates convenient and secure ways for vendors to transact in real time through the supply of PoS solutions and equipment.

Small business owners are offered the following benefits through the electronic voucher distribution system:

  • Electronic transactions that provide secure transacting in real time.
  • Virtual stock transactions which address the challenges of unsold inventory or expensive capital outlay.
  • PoS terminals that help vendors portary a reoutable image.

Recharge Systems’ intelligent PoS technology will enable you to provide a more efficient service delivery experience to customers.

Contact a customer representative to find out more about the benefits of this sophisticated service.

Our Partners

In an effort to create an environment that’s safe for vendors to transact and provide their services, we’ve ensured that our Recharge System will work on South Africa’s major mobile service providers. Click below for more info regarding Recharge Systems and the relevant mobile operator.

Telkom Mobile
Cell C


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